Other Insurance Types

Accident Insurance and Hospital Plans

Accident and hospital plans are just what they sound like. Most health plans that you can purchase in the U S have deductibles and copays that you must meet out of your pocket. Hospital and accident plans are designed to reimburse you a cash benefit should you have a covered occurrence. For example, if you had a 42000 deductible on a regular health plan and you had purchased a separate hospital reimbursement plan you could be covered for the $2000 deductible through the hospital plan. Of course, there is no coverage for doctor's visits and other charges if they are not provided in hospital under these plans.

Long Term Care

Long term care insurance is possibly one of the most needed types of insurance there is. It’s also very tricky with many moving parts. Please contact us to request a no obligation quote that we can tailor to your needs. Long term care covers you when you need help with nursing home or in-home care. But don’t wait until you get to that position in life as these plans are underwritten and you can be declined for them. The younger you are the better as the premiums are age related.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is a policy designed to pay you a monthly income should you become disabled. These plans, while not cheap, provide a cushion for working people should they become injured or ill and it lasts for a long time. There are many variables involved, such as length of coverage and elimination periods so we need to consult with you regarding the specifics of your situation. We are contracted with 7 major disability insurance carriers.

Short Term Insurnace

Short term coverage is designed for what it says, people between jobs, college kids over the summer and other short term needs. They do not cover pre-existing conditions so please be aware of that and call for details.

Dental Insurance

Dental plans are quite confusing so you should probably call before applying. There is the traditional PPO plans and more recent DMO plans. DMO stands for Dental Maintenance Organization, similar to an HMO medical plan. These plans only work with dentists who belong to the DMO network. PPO plans can cover you with any dentist but if the dentist belongs to the PPO network it will cover a larger share of your bill. Dental plans have deductibles and waiting periods, so please be sure to read the fine print. If you would like a quote without speaking to an agent, click on the button that says “Shop and compare online”. You don’t need to input your income, that is an IT problem that we have with our quoting service.